Closets & Storage Solutions by the GPDWoodshop

Everyone can use a little more space!

April 1, 2020 was born!

GPDClosets is a division of the GPD Woodshop, and all under the same roof in Canton, North Carolina.   We created GPDClosets because we wanted to help folks find solutions for their storage needs, and to find more space in their homes, without needing to make the level of investment which traditional custom cabinetry typically requires.  To accomplish this we use state of the art materials, technology, and joinery techniques to create premium quality storage solutions for a variety of spaces within your home or business.

While some of the solutions we create are true closets by definition, our “Closet” Storage system designs often blur the line between “Closet systems” and traditional cabinetry.  We’ve helped folks not only with their closets, but with mudrooms, Home offices,  laundry rooms, craft rooms,  pantries, garages, bedrooms with murphy beds, multi purpose rooms, home theaters, man caves, she sheds, and many other spaces.  We’ve even helped businesses with general storage behind the scenes as well as retail displays that catch the eye while creating a lot more retail space.

If you need more space, we can help!

Here’s a small sample of some of the solutions we can offer – We invite you to visit our Closets Website to see more of the projects we’ve completed, and to see some of the solutions we can offer, at competitive prices, with incredibly short lead times!

Click here to Visit us at 

Click here to Visit us at