These days, most furniture and cabinetry comes from large factories, filled with big machines, spewing out parts at the touch of a button– but not with us. We’re a small workshop, with skilled craftspeople, employing hand techniques which can take a lifetime to master. We take pride in our work, and the skills required to undertake and complete it.
Wood is a natural material, and therefore each piece is unique unto itself. We spend a good deal of time selecting each piece of timber, and exploring where it will be placed in your furniture, as well as how it relates and corresponds with the natural pieces adjacent to it, to create a harmonious flow throughout the entire piece. And our respect for our material is second to none, as stated in our philosophy.
Strong traditional joinery, such as the enduring mortise and tenon joint, or the classic hallmark of fine woodworking, the dovetail joint, is the foundation for our furniture designs.
Wood is finished for two reasons: To protect it, and to enhance its natural beauty. We take the time to think about the purpose of the piece, and then consider what type of finish will not only protect the wood, but help to enhance its natural beauty. Finish samples are available upon request and custom finish inquiries (to match existing woodwork) are welcome.